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11:11pm 12/10/2005
mood: cheerful
Hi I just joined. And I'd like to claim.

pairing: Jimmy/Yves

character: Yves Adele Harlow

season: The one and only season of The Lone Gunmen

episode: "Jump the Shark"

Anything else: William's mobile, bunny hat and Scully singing him "Joy to the World"
09:20pm 05/10/2005
  Pairing: CSM/Teena Mulder
Episode: Talitha Cumi
12:01am 07/08/2005
  WHOOOO!!! Exiting!

A pairing: Doggett/Scully

A character: William!!!!!

A season: Season 2

An episode: Milagro!

Random: Scully's blood, Scully's lips, Doggett's manlyness, Doggett's poptart, Monica's wrecked jeep, Scully's hair, Scully's headset from the 9th season, Mulders sunflower seeds, The hot make-out scene with Scully and Paddget in Milagro, Monica's whale calls, FBI's low budget, and Rosewell, New Mexico! (Because Im from New Mexico!!!)

02:53pm 17/07/2005
mood: content
If they arn't taken can I claim...

character: Langly

An episode: Tunguska

Random: Kryceks hair in anasazi and paperclip, Kryceks nano technology remote thing that can kill skinner and Kryceks Russian accent!! :D
My last but not least 
09:03am 23/05/2005
  Character: Frohike !  
09:38am 19/05/2005
  One more...

Episode: Small potatoes
04:41pm 18/05/2005
  I claim!

pairing: monica reyes and scully haha
episode: killer switch
random: The background music on “all things”; all the clones; the well manicured man; this phrase: "isn't it nice to be so highly regarded?"; the glasses Mulder used on Pilot; the green bugs that killed in the darkness; the the autopsies on "bad blood".
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11:22am 14/05/2005
  If it's not too greedy, may I please add to my random claims:

Doggett's Polish sausage; the Bee that stung Scully
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10:08am 13/05/2005
mood: bored
I love these claim communities..

Pairing: Mulder/Krycek
Random: Mulder's red speedo, Krycek's leather jacket. M/K arm on shoulder scene from 'The Truth'. M/K Don't touch me scene from 'Tunguska'.
Episode: The Red and the Black
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12:17am 12/05/2005
  back to add some random claims..

Mulder's fish, the bureau credit card, and Scully's season 6 hair
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07:18pm 11/05/2005
mood: procrastinating
Finishing my claim from earlier...

Episode: Memento Mori
Season: 7
Pairing: Scully/Agent Pendrell (<33 I knew I'd get him somehow!)
Random: Mulder's season 4 hair, Scully's Nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle, The Mulder/Scully kiss in "The Truth", Mulder's elvis shades (), and finally, the funny ice pick thing used to kill bounty hunters.
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07:57pm 11/05/2005
  I claim...

Character: Luther Lee Boggs
Episode: The Unnatural
Random: Scully and Skinner's friendship, Scully's fluffy slippers (from Orison), Scully's cross, Mulder's sunflower seeds
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New Here! 
04:35pm 11/05/2005
  Hi everybody, this is such a fun idea!
May I please claim:

A pairing: Doggett/Reyes

A character: Skinner

A season: Season 9

An episode: The Post-Modern Prometheus

Random stuff: Monica's leather jacket; Mulder's water bed; Scully's salads
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11:12am 11/05/2005
mood: creative
May I claim the episode "all things" please?
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06:59am 11/05/2005
  A pairing-scully and mulder

A character_SCULLY

A season- SIX

An episode-ARCADIA

Anything else you can think of... probably.- Scully's implant (jk) Scully shoes... The picture of DD and GA in bed, the rolling stone cover.
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Yay. Glad I Got in here early 
12:00pm 11/05/2005
  May I claim:

Character: Queequeg (he counts right?)
Episode: Jose Chung's From Outer Space
Random: Mulder and Scully's FBI badges

That'll do... for now.
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Hi, new! 
03:15am 11/05/2005
mood: dorky

I'd like to claim:

Season: 4

Episode: Never Again

Pairing: Mulder/His Couch

Character: Ed Jerse

Random: Scully's arching eyebrow, Mulder's porn collection, The NASA Keychain, Mulder's Apartment Number, Scully's Season One Schoolteacher Glasses, Skinner's Bald Head, and Krycek's Fake Arm.

I think that's all.

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12:48am 11/05/2005
mood: crazy
I've never been apart of one of these communities before but if it's not too much trouble..

I'd looove to claim:

Character: Krycek
Season: 5
Episode: Demons
Mulder's Pouty Face/Mood (If that makes any sense :) )

Alright, thanks. Hopefully I did that right.
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I want to claim... 
10:47pm 10/05/2005
  Character: Alex Krycek
Episode: "Bad Blood"
Season: 5

Great comm idea! Xphiles need a claiming place all our own. :)
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09:47pm 10/05/2005
  This is a great idea for a community. :D I'm surprised no one had thought of it sooner!

I'd like to claim, if I may:

The Cigarette Smoking Man
The episode, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
And the pairing Krycek/Jeffrey. XD

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